Query with Filters

Filters can be applied to query by setting the filters input field.

Query Variables

All filters are of the format <FIELD>_<OPERATOR> : <VALUE>. For example status_EQ: "CONFIRMED" and amount_LT: 500.

Possible operators are

  1. EQ - Equal to
  2. GT - Greater than
  3. LT - Less than
  4. GTE - Greater than equal to
  5. LTE - Less than equal to
  6. IN - Value is in an array of values.
  7. NOT_IN - Value is not in an array of values.
  8. NEQ - Not Equal to

Boolean operator between filters

By default all the filters have AND operator between them. This can be changed by setting operatorBetween field in filters object. For example to apply OR operator between filters as follows.

Query Variables

Time Filters

Time filters can be applied in two ways

Filter between two timestamps

Time filter between to timestamps can be applied by setting end and start filter fields.

Query Variables

Filter last time period

Time filter can be applied on a time period ending now. This can be done by setting latestTimePeriod and latestTimePeriodUnit fields.

Query Variables