User Sandboxing

What is user sandboxing ?

Let's say we are building a dashboard in an application in which users should be able to see analytics for there own data. If there is a user A he should see only his/her data. Any other user's data should be isolated from user A. This is called user sandboxing.

How to do user sandboxing ?

To do user sandboxing first we have to set a table column as secured.

STEP 1 : Go to data source page

Data source page

STEP 2 : Go to data source details page.

Click on one of the data sources to goto data source details page.

Data source details

STEP 3 : Set secured field

Click on a table. From the table schema, select the field/s you want to set as secured.

Secured Field

STEP 4 : Create access token

After a field has been set as secured field, a secured filter should be set while generating access token. To learn this please read Access Token Documentation