3. Connecting DingoQL to your Database

What is a datasource ?

When you want to build a dashboard in your application, you data must be present in a PostgreSQL or a MySQL database. Such a database will be called a datasource.

For the sake of this tutorial, we have already included postgresql database with this tutorial.

How to add a data-source ?

Step 1: Login to admin

Open the dingoql admin login using the following credentials.


Step 2: Go to "Data sources" tab

To add a data source we need to go to data-source tab in dingoql's admin.

Data source

Then click on "Connect New DB" box. This will open a "Connect to New DB" modal.

Step 3: Fill in data source and create new data source

Then fill in the few details to connect to the included postgresql database. First we need to give a unique name to this datasource. For this datasource we will name it sampledb. Then pick "PostgreSQL" from database dropdown.

For the sake of this tutorial please name this datasource sampledb because this will help you follow along this multi-part tutorial. But a database can be named any lowercase string.

Next we will fill in the following credentials for postgresql and click "Create".

JDBC URL without DBjdbc:postgresql://postgresql:5432
Postgres Usernametestuser
Postgres Passwordqwerty123

New Data source

Once this data-source has been successfully added it can be viewed in datasource tab.

Data source added

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